Rebates offered to Alberta homeowners to keep the cold out and the heat in

Starting April 28, rebates of up to $3,500 will be available for eligible products.

Provincial government rebates are being made available to Alberta homeowners who want to upgrade their windows, insulation and hot water heaters.

The New Democratic Party government says that starting April 28, rebates of up to $3,500 will be available for eligible products. The program covers energy efficient triple-glaze windows and tankless hot-water heaters, along with insulation for attics, basements and above-grade walls.

Environment Minister Shannon Phillips said the rebates will help people save money and boost the economy. Analysis from other provinces shows 50 to 70 jobs created for every million dollars invested in energy efficiency programs, she said.

“We have already seen many energy efficiency companies adding staff as businesses, as non-profits, as homeowners begin to look at their options,” she said at an announcement Tuesday. “We’ll only see more of that work happening as we begin to reinvest in this.”

Investing in energy efficiency is similar to putting money into infrastructure during an economic downturn, Phillips added.

“It’s a very good rate of return.”

Homeowners must select from a list of Alberta-based registered contractors to do the installations, with the rebates going directly to the property owner once each project is complete.

Contractors who want to get on the registry must complete a short training course, be legally registered to do business in Alberta and have current liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage.

The Home Improvement Rebate is part of the government’s $24-million program for the purchase of energy-efficient appliances and products.

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