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Parachute and Economical Insurance partner for Brain Waves

Parachute renews two-year partnership with Economical Insurance.

Young Canadians are most vulnerable to preventable injuries, which account for more deaths than all other causes combined. Every year, nearly 23,000 Canadian youth sustain head injuries. Brain Waves, an interactive brain and spinal cord educational program, is hoping to change that.

Parachute is pleased to announce its renewed two-year partnership with Economical Insurance, the first National Gold Sponsor of Brain Waves. The program, developed for young Canadian students, teaches children about concussion awareness, and provides vital brain and spinal cord information.

“Thanks to the support of Economical Insurance, Parachute has the means to offer young students invaluable education to help prevent life-threatening predictable and preventable injuries,” says Pamela Fuselli, Parachute Interim CEO. “We are pleased to be working with Economical to help inform educators and students across the country.”

Brain Waves offers a fun, hands-on approach to learning where students transform into young scientists during the half-day program. Brain Waves gives kids the tools to learn about brain safety and the implications of concussion, allowing them to get up close and personal with gelatin brain molds, and practice helmet safety tips.

“We are delighted to continue supporting the Brain Waves program that is helping prevent injuries that can disable if not kill our children,” said Rowan Saunders, President and CEO of Economical Insurance. ” This important initiative is helping Canadian children to better understand how to protect their most vital organ – the brain – while having fun.”

Today, more students are on the same wavelength: over 1,000 volunteers nationwide have brought Brain Waves to more than 600 elementary school classrooms in Canada. Parachute has reached more than 30,000 students through both in class and online presentations. To learn more about the program and how to launch a site in your community, visit Brain Waves on our website.

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