Insurers Show High Compliance: Alberta Survey

Most insurers in Alberta have strong policies in place to

Have Premiums Reached a Tipping Point? U.K. Carriers Aren’t Sure

Have commercial premiums reached a pricing tipping point? They might
have, according to carriers in the U.K., who predict …

ICLR Shapes “Disaster Resilient” Future: Bardswick

Last year may have been a bad one for natural disasters, but 2008 also
saw the industry’s Institute for …

Canadians Ill Prepared for Emergencies: Survey

Less than half of Canadians are adequately prepared for disasters like
wildfires, hurricanes or extended blackouts, results from a …

U.K, E.U., Ramp Up Flood Planning: A.M. Best

Flooding is a growing concern in the European Union, where more frequent—and
severe—flooding in recent years have prompted long-range …

Swine flu prompts advice: Change how you operate

Minimize risks.
This is the goal of all insurance and in the light of a possible pandemic,
its what …

Leading expert offers answers on pandemic outbreaks

Bob Howe, Pandemics Topic Manager at Swiss Re and a leading pandemic
expert answers some key questions as a …

Flu Fallout: Outbreak Highlights Coverage Limits

Businesses that could be most affected by a widespread swine flu outbreak—like airlines or movie theatres– won’t find much recourse from commercial insurance …

Forgeron takes IBC forward: Caps, climate and communication a priority

Shortly after his appointment Don Forgeron set the tone for the next year at the Insurance Bureau of Canada’s annual general meeting, held …

Climate-driven security concerns are opportunities for insurers

The latest report from Lloyd’s of London—the insurer that made its name producing products for high-risk businesses—highlights the threats and opportunities climate change …

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