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Canadians hesitant about driverless cars

Eighteen per cent say they want to actually drive their own cars.

As the reality of driverless cars on our roads accelerates, has released new survey findings of Canadians’ attitudes on the (not so) futuristic vehicles.

One in four Canadians (26 per cent) are excited at the prospect of driverless cars, while 18 per cent (down from 23 per cent the previous year) say no thanks, they love driving too much to give it up.

But for the most part, Canadians are hesitant, with 56 per cent saying it would depend on the autonomous technology and how well it works before they make a decision.

While 26 per cent of Canadians can’t wait to sit back and enjoy the ride of an autonomous vehicle, some drivers are more keen than others:

  • Twenty-eight per cent of men said they can’t wait for the day driverless cars become available.
  • Thirty-six per cent of drivers, aged 18-34, said the future couldn’t arrive soon enough.
  • Quebecers are the most eager to embrace the technology (30 per cent).

Yet, despite being widely anticipated, Canadians in general agree that it will be years before self-driving vehicles are available to the public. Overwhelmingly, 80 per cent believe it will be at least 15 years, if not more, before they’ll be able to get behind the wheel of a driverless car.

Despite all the good that Canadians think will come out of self-driving cars, one thing we don’t expect autonomous vehicles to improve is traffic: more than half (54 per cent) of Canadians think traffic will be unaffected regardless of who—or what—is driving the car.

Transcontinental Media G.P.