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  • More insurance movies to watch this winter
  • Most Canadians want Uber regulated, not banned: survey
  • 30 quakes hit one New Brunswick village this month
  • The Guarantee offers free automatic water shut-off systems to certain clients
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How to Build a Space Elevator

Going up! This time Sidecar looks into how to build a space elevator. Is it possible? Maybe more than you think. Plus a legal battle over a European masterpiece stolen by the Nazis. A funny, touching essay on grief in parking lots. And a look at a few of the smartest, most mature superhero shows worth watching. Hey, get off my cape! My Mom just washed it.

CITB - Latest Issue
December 2015 Sylvie Paquette graces our annual CEO cover, and she has a lot to tell in a funny, controversial and insightful profile. Plus, we chat with eight insurance execs to see what's on tap for 2016. Zurich pushes for Ottawa to help with cyber, and our associate editor would like a Tiffany box for Christmas.
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