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  • IBC calls for national flood program led by private sector
  • Canadian collisions are on the rise: Allstate study
  • Police drop the mic about safe winter driving
  • RISK: Canada’s effect on the U.S. economy might be bigger than you think
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How to Build a Space Elevator

Going up! This time Sidecar looks into how to build a space elevator. Is it possible? Maybe more than you think. Plus a legal battle over a European masterpiece stolen by the Nazis. A funny, touching essay on grief in parking lots. And a look at a few of the smartest, most mature superhero shows worth watching. Hey, get off my cape! My Mom just washed it.

CITB - Latest Issue
November 2015 Give drought its due. We don't think of it as a "big cat," but it's time we did. A roundup of the cool stuff that happened at RIMS and NICC. How new storm modeling might prevent expensive claims. And hey, do you know Joel? Everyone knows Joel.
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