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  • Security questions are too easy to guess
  • Study ranks Ottawa as best city in terms of flood preparedness
  • Low energy prices lead to decelerating inflation rate
  • PEI man in court for possessing 50+ castor beans
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Aviva photogalleryCelebrate the launch of the fourth annual Aviva Community Fund. View photos of all the community ideas.





CITB - Latest Issue
May 2015 Getting lunch on the street? Food trucks definitely need thinking outside the bun. And while you're chewing on that... it's summer, which means construction, which means unique challenges for coverage. Plus we've got killer robots and art restoration. Who doesn't love killer robots? Okay, they don't restore art, but we can tell you about a vacuum freeze-dryer that gets around.
Corporate Risk – Latest Issue

The Jian Ghomeshi scandal inspires us to look at how companies should handle crises when their front person gets in big trouble.It's a packed issue, with our Passport on India and our Oracle interview with Ian Bremmer, international risk guru and bestselling author. And we still have room to examine high frequency trades, sanctions against Iran and meth labs in motels.


SGI Canada has already evolved well beyond its original mandate to serve Saskatchewan drivers. But this summer marks a key step in the insurer's evolution as it expands into British Columbia. With familiar markets in the oil and gas and the mining sectors, "it is in many ways a natural extension or a natural fit for us as a market," SGI president and CEO Andrew Cartmell told Top Broker in a recent interview. It's also a highly competitive market with territory-specific challenges. Find out more about the insurer's expansion strategy and broker response in the June issue of Top Broker.

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