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  • Insurers rate regulatory changes, low interest rates as top challenges
  • Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Lines expands into Canadian market
  • RISK: New cyber risk conference in Montreal
  • Unique Community Projects win major funding from Aviva Community Fund
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Aviva photogalleryCelebrate the launch of the fourth annual Aviva Community Fund. View photos of all the community ideas.





CITB - Latest Issue
January 2015 Your Grand Old Board can't do things the great old way, because the D & O landscape is different. We'll tell you how. Also: “In the Ontario court system, insurance-based cases are especially heinous..." And they're moving elsewhere, thanks to Bill 15. Plus: It's been our mantra for months, but now we put it to the test. Adapt or Die: we'll tell you where brokers should specialize to stay alive and profitable in the future.
Corporate Risk – Latest Issue

We look at how K&R really works: the negotiations, the targets and when things go horribly wrong. The Oracle this issue is Jack Devine, ex-CIA deputy director, founding partner of the Arkin Group and the man they bring in when magician David Copperfield gets his trucks stolen. Plus: our passport this time around is South Africa, and Christine Duhaime shows how money laundering laws can hurt the wrong people.

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