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  • Oil sands research group says it is a ‘logical’ recipient of carbon tax grants
  • FICO Enterprise score gives long-term view of cyber risk exposure
  • AIG expands property terrorism insurance capacity to $1 Billion
  • What your clients are reading now
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Aviva photogalleryWe are now launching the 8th annual Aviva Community Fund. View photos of all the community ideas.





CITB - Latest Issue
September 2016 In this issue, we reveal our dynamic Top 10 under 40 finalists, delve into the new front line in policy and claims decisions and find out why millennials are most likely open to buying usage-based auto-insurance.
How to Build a Space Elevator

Going up! This time Sidecar looks into how to build a space elevator. Is it possible? Maybe more than you think. Plus a legal battle over a European masterpiece stolen by the Nazis. A funny, touching essay on grief in parking lots. And a look at a few of the smartest, most mature superhero shows worth watching. Hey, get off my cape! My Mom just washed it.

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